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Online Travel Ticketing System In UAE

When we say ‘ticketing system in travel technology’, by that we mean an online system which allows us to search and book different flights, transfers, hotels, holiday and sightseeing packages. It enables users to perform immediate booking and request management, which we also call queuing up. Recent years (2016/2017) have come up with a great surge from masses in demand of an online travel ticketing system in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE in fact, the entire Middle East region.

Gone are the times when everyone had to travel to ticketing offices for bookings. Today, there are being used online travel ticketing systems that ensure online booking of flights, hotels, and all the travel activities. These systems allow online payments. It is a common fact that you need not purchase only flight tickets but also rent-a-cars, hotels, and any travel service. For this, you will need a certified professional ticketing system to do every task.

Travel Ticketing in UAE

travel ticketing system or travel planner programming in UAE is an online framework to store and to recover travel-related substances. The information may originate from the ticketing framework’s information base or it might originate from the GDS Systems–Global Distribution Systems or the outsider providers. Ticketing framework may handle the exchanges which are identified with flights, facilities, moves, vehicles, voyage, and other travel-related administrations.

Types of ticketing system being used in the UAE

In the most widely used travel ticketing system being used in UAE and all the world are of the following types.

  • Ticketing system which is connected to GDS.
  • Ticketing System which is connected to the Third-Party Supplies
  • Ticketing System which is CRS based.

A ticketing system or a travel software, while any ticket being issued,  connects to primary flights /car data to find real-time availability and pricing hotels. Once the availability gets confirmed, users can then pay to confirm the booking. This entire process is genuinely automated and end-users get the booking confirmation or in the form of PNR or voucher in no-time after they have made the payment.

Advantages of travel ticketing system in UAE

Below are the distinct advantages of the travel ticketing system and travel agency software being used in the UAE.

  • Round o’clock availability which is ensured by the ticketing system improved sales to a great extent. It also came up with great client satisfaction.
  • It uses a fully automated system and thus gets a lot of time saved.
  • PNR / Vouchers get generated immediately.
  • They are comprehensive backend with mark-up module, report module, user DB, and currency module.
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