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AVI Infosys LLC has been working with contactless smart card Cashless prepaid payment and loyalty system since 2001. It’s field proven, secure platform with standalone terminal and server software has been a great success. The AVI Infosys team brings the most easily managed NFC payment and bonus point system to an Android platform and now you can use your NFC ready tablet as a terminal to deploy your own loyalty programs or Prepaid Cashless Systems.

Why Choose Go Smart Tap System

  • Award winning system since 2001
  • Robust and bulletproof
    • Operated in the worst environment with poor Internet network
    • Prepaid system for the US Army in Iraq, Mali and Afghanistan , 2007
    • Prepaid system for United Nation World Food Program in Syria 2014
  • Data Integrity and Security
    • We have implemented the unique method to handle missing data in a poor Internet network environment
    • We have implemented the unique method to maintain high security but use low-cost smart card.
  • The lowest Project implementation cost
    • With everything out-of-the-box and readily available backend engines
    • Others develop the system like in software integration approach.
  • Flexible Business Model
    • Low initial startup investment cost
    • Can deploy the system in no time
    • Pay as you go payment model for monthly settlement between stakeholders

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