What they are really supplying is merely a sophisticated and expensive online system with integration of the following features:

  • Terminal devices with network 3G/4G capability
  • Key security with security access module (SAM)
  • Smart Card with high security and durability
  • Fully integrated system with backup facilities
  • Interoperability with different card system
  • High availability server system
  • Sophisticated clearing center
  • Sophisticated reporting

They simply assume that network is always available and terminal devices will always able to send data back to the server.

  • No system suppliers mention how to handle transaction record lost due to terminal device failure.
  • Transaction between card and terminal is done in real time, but the transaction record is sent to server in a delay manner.
  • There is a chance of losing record due to device failure even in a fraction of a second.

iBonus ® AFC system assumes network is NOT always available

  • Our server manages the sequence of delayed transaction records and can fill the holes.
  • Our server handles the security of the card by monitoring abnormality.
  • It is a true off-line based system and is cost effective.
  • Our systems used by US Army and UN World Food Program survived even in the harsh environment in countries like Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq where network or Internet is not always available.